Advisory Workshop

Cost-Effective Approach to Knowledge Acquisition

You've identified a need for an Identity and Access Management solution within your organization, you've talked to the vendors, stakeholders and executive sponsors but the picture is still fuzzy. There are too many options and they all look very similar.Identigral offers a customized workshop as a way of narrowing the selection criteria and sketching a vendor-neutral solution architecture without engaging in a larger Assessment and Design effort. The workshop is tailored to your environment, your business processes and your organization.
Pre-Workshop Planning Meeting
Prior to the workshop, we will conduct interviews with a few key members of your organization. We will gather as much knowledge as possible about your 1) Goals 2) Current processes 3) Environment and 4) In-house expertise. This meeting will be the building block for the workshop and will allow us to customize the workshop presentations to fit the audience while imparting valuable information that is specific to your needs.
The customized workshop can last as little as two hours or can be as much as a week. Two hour workshop delivers a high-level architectural blueprint that meets the top goals discussed in the pre-workshop planning meeting; we will also touch on other options available to you. The discussion will stay at a functional level -- products and vendors will only be mentioned if you so desire. A longer workshop can include one or more of the following deliverables:

  • Training: If you have decided on a product but have little specific knowledge of the product, we can prepare a demo for you that touches on product's features that are relevant to your goals and processes. We can also conduct sessions with different business/IT groups covering specific areas of the product
  • Best Practices - Development Process: Most identity and access implementations require product customization, sometimes scaling to a full-blown development project. Development in identity management context requires special consideration. Identigral can present our best practices for a development process, focusing on change management aspects (builds, releases, change control, promotion of assets, configuration mgmt)
  • Code Review: If you have already started development but you want to make sure you are on the right track, Identigral consultants can conduct code review sessions in the workshop
  • Customized Topics: If you have a specific discussion in mind, we can accommodate most topics with enough lead-time.
Following the Workshop

You will get all documentation generated for the purpose of the workshop to use internally for documentation and presentations. You will also get free access to the Identigral customer-only webinars, newsletters, and advice hotline for three months.

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